Are Motorized Blinds the New Way to Revolutionize Your Home?

Technology is evolving and so are things in and around our homes. One such smart innovation is automation technology. Whether it is your home or office, automation is being used everywhere to make your work and life more convenient and easier. With a similar purpose, automation has also become popular for window treatments!
Drawing open curtains or closing blinds  manually is now a thing of the past. Today’s trend is to motorize it and control the flow of sunlight with the press of a button. Read on to find out how motorized blinds can revolutionise your window furnishing experience.

Our Top Reasons to Buy Automated Blinds:

  1. Superior Control Have you left the house for work only to remember you forgot shutting the blinds? We all hate the feeling of constantly having to get back up again and adjusting the blind after thinking we have had it covered. Well, now you can bid goodbye to this feeling for good. Automated or motorized blinds can be controlled from anywhere with sleek remote control. It is as simple as a touch of a button to spare you with those extra minutes you might have needed for the day.
  2. Integratabtle Sync up your motorized blinds to your favourite smart home technology, like Google Assistant or Alexa, and control your blinds with the ease of a simple voice command.
  3. Perfect Fit Automated blinds can easily cover the windows, reaching even the corners that your curtains can’t reach. Since it covers the entire window from all edges, there is complete privacy that you can relish in. Additionally, preventing your home against the harsh sunlight also becomes simpler during the day with these fit-to-size remote blinds.
  4. Elegant and Stylish There is a wide range of designs of automated blinds in the market that you are sure to find a texture, colour or pattern that blends with the interior of your home. It can add the perfect finishing touch to complement the elements in your room. Plus, if you plan on selling or renting your house, automated blinds can increase your home’s value by quite a bit.
  5. Complete Privacy and Protection A simple touch of your finger can change the amount of lighting in a room. While this gives you more privacy, it also protects your furniture from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Now, you can simply manage the glare on your TV screen and avoid people peeping inside your home with negligible efforts. Motorized blinds will add to a homeowner’s privacy from the outside world.
  6. Minimum Wear and Tear Do you remember the number of times you have pulled out and tugged your blinds to get the perfect amount of shading in your room? Not only does this damage the fabric but also loosen the hardware of your curtains or blinds. With motorized blinds, you can smoothly increase the durability and have them look their best for the maximum amount of time.
  7. Safe for Kids Automated blinds have a cordless design, due to which you don’t have to worry about wires or cords coming in the way. These cords and wires can be a huge slipping hazard and danger for kids who try to play with blinds. But luckily, with motorized blinds, this won’t be the case. You can easily control the blinds with a tip of your finger and make sure your kid is safe.

Now that you know our  top reasons to buy automated blinds, why not browse and know more about our wide selection of blinds to start planning yours today? At Luxury Window Coverings, we specialize in providing premium quality blinds, sheers and shutters in Toronto, and the GTA. Whether you want to install drapery for your living room or need extra light control in the bedroom, we will assist you with everything. Call us now at 905-449-3929 to get a free, no obligation quote for your next order with Luxury Window Coverings TODAY!