There is nothing more beautiful or elegant than shutters for your windows and patio doors, but “How to clean shutters” is often a question asked. There is no doubt that they are a much healthier option than curtains which harbour dust mites that can cause allergies and in order to clean them, you don’t have to take them down, wait a couple of hours while they are in the washing machine and then another couple while they dry.

However, with shutters, once a week you should just run the nozzle and brush attachment of your vacuum over your shutters; this will keep them dust-free until you want to carry out a more thorough cleaning.

For a deeper clean, all you will need is the following

  • A soft to medium toothbrush for getting into the cracks
  • Wood polish, preferably containing beeswax (for wood shutters)
  • A duster for finishing off

How To Clean Shutters – Where to Start?

First things first, run the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner over the shutters to remove surface dust. Once this is done, spray a little furniture polish onto the toothbrush and work it over the surface and into any grooves, crevices and small holes, then either give them a quick wipe with the duster or go over them again with the vacuum cleaner nozzle.

Now comes the easy and most satisfying part; spray your shutters liberally with furniture polish and give them a good rub until they are smiling at you – wood always appreciates some TLC! That’s it – it really is that simple.

A tip to reduce deep cleaning time is to wipe the slats as often as possible, as this will limit the build-up of dust particles. Never use water on your wooden shutters as this can cause the wood to warp over a period of time.

How To Clean Shutters In The Kitchen and Bathroom

Shutters are perfect for any style of kitchen or bathroom, making a contemporary one look even more modern and a farmhouse kitchen or Victorian styled bathroom even more characterful, but wood is not the best option.

As humid environments can cause damage, by far the best solution is Luxury Window Coverings composite shutters made from vinyl, but to such a high quality that they will look and fit like wood; a quick wipe with a damp cloth and the cleaning is done.

The kitchen is an area where shutters can get a build-up of grease, so again in cooking areas these are perfect as any degreaser will make cleaning quick and easy. Cleaning shutters has now become a very simple task which will make sure your shutters stay pristine for years to come.